EGAS Elektronik GmbH

EGAS Elektronik GmbH was founded in November 1992 with eight employees in Berlin.


  • Installation and service of mobile car systems,
  • Installation of immobilizer- and anti-theft- systems,
  • Service around personal computers including repair and assembling of motherboards,
  • Prototype manufacturing and und small-series production of electronic assembly board components.

Modified priorities due to changed market requests:

About 1994 within the electronic sector a specialization and promotion on SMD- manufacturing began. Step by step technological EGAS was qualifying for a modern electronic production, created to satisfy the growing requirements of the technological progress and to accommodate customers with corresponding applications.

Thus today 20 qualified employees are working within the areas of manufacturing, procurement of materials and quality assurance.

Our customers, various companies, institutes and engineering offices, perform research and development in technical areas like (automatic-) control- engineering, automation, computers, telecommunications, stage-, lighting-, security- and safety- as well as space- technique.

New product- area:

Since begin 2006 we develop and produce own LED- lamps, -displays etc. as well as the corresponding electronics. Together with the company LionTrade sales and marketing is organized and we continuously work on enhancements of applications. 

Competences fitting in tusec- network needs:

  • Development and production of modern and environment-friendly LED- signal- and illumination means,
  • Support network- partners to develop and prototype electronic- assemblies and components,
  • Enable contacts with our competent partners and customers from industry and research.


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