MSA Auer

With more than 110  years experience with safety solutions MSA AUER - as German subsidiary of the world wide operating MSA group - offers broad solutions for:

  • Personal Protective equipment
  • Breathing Protection
  • Head-, eye and hearing protection
  • Protective clothing and hand protection
  • Fire fighting
  • Gas detection - permanent and portabl
  • Detection of leakages

We serve the following markets:

  • Fire Service
  • Security Forces
  • Police, Civil defense, ...
  • General industry
  • Oil, gas , petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Transportation/Logistics [Merchant Marine, Harbors, Railway, Airports, Transport, Shipping Agency, Warehouses, Deep Freeze Warehouses]
  • Mining
  • Utilities [Power Generation and Distribution, Water, Gas, Waste Removal]

Our wide range of products offer Fire Brigades, Security Forces and Emergency Responders a variety of options to organize their rescue operations safely. Decades of contacts with Fire Brigades and Safety Forces as well as equipping tunnel fire brigades lately show our accepted competence by the end user.We bring our experience with tunnel security into the project and want to learn about and influence the trends in that field.



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