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The SCHOLZE engineers are specializing in heating design als well as refrigiration-, air conditioning-, plumbing- and electrical design. The goal is their convenient use in order to create a comfortable and human serving environment. That means we always pay very much attention to energy efficiency and sustain. The field of the SCHOLZE projects is broadly varied and reaches from special solutions (e.g. tunnels) until to the largest administration buildings, fair halls, hospitals, laboratory- and production buildings, shopping- and fun-centers, data processing center, hotels and last but not least railway stations.

A special emphasis of our planning activities is put on preventing structural and configuration-technical fire protection. The necessary know-how is drawn from the sum of planning experience of many years with over 1000 large and small building projects. Our chief sprectrum covers the planning of all necessary components for the prevention of the transmission and spreading of fire as for example smoke aprons, removal of smoke plants, pressure ventilation systems as well as fire extinguishing systems for fire fighting.

The development of a wholly onclusive concept, which covers the removal of smoke and the installation of fire alarm systems as well as fire-extinguishing systems (SCHOLZE is certified according to DIN 14675 and 9001) for fire protection by means of technology, is the goal mainly persued.

The SCHOLZE business group with 190 employees and 15 million Euro fee sales is one of the largest independent planning offices in Germany. Since the foundation, more than 60 years ago by Otto Scholze, the enterprise developed dynamically in the past 30 years under the direction of Gerd Scholze and is today a competent partner in 11 national and international locations for all interests of the technical equipment. During the treatment of projects we set on a trusting co-operation with our customers.

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Scope of works

Consulting, planning, Tenders, Site supervision, documentation, feasibilities.

Main emphasis

  • Plumbing design, e.g. Draining systems
  • Air Conditioning design, e.g. Pressure ventilation systems, Removal of smoke devices, Smoke and Heat exhausting installation
  • Fire Protection systems, Hi-fog fire extinguish system
  • Electrical design - High voltage system, e.g. Safety current supply, Emergency electrical installations (emergency power Diesels) Battery units (Uninterruptile Power Supply (UPS)
  • Electrical design - Low voltage system, e.g. Lighting design, Communications & Security systems, Electro-acoustic systems, Fire alarm systems, Video monitoring
  • Mechanical Conveying, e.g. Cranes, Service lifts
  • Building automation, Central building control systems, Automation systems
  • Facility Management, e.g. Technical building management, Designation systems, Tenders for operational services, evaluation and selection of CAFM systems, Energy management, Documentation with due deligence.

Development of Business Group in brief form

1946 Company established in Waiblingen with Branch Office in Frankfurt a.M. (1995), Köln (1999), Hamburg (1999, Aalen (2001)



1998 Establishment of SCHOLZE CONSULTING G MBH, Stuttgart

2002 Establishment of SCHOLZE HOLDING GMBH, Stuttgart

2002 Establishment of SCHOLZE Technische Gebäudeausrüstung, Wien

2004 Establishment of Branch Office in Prag

2005 Merger of SCHOLZE INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT Stuttgart, Berlin, Dresden

Stock Fund 500.000 EUR

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