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Traficon n.v. is THE reference in the field of traffic detection based video image processing. We strive to meet our customer requirements and to deliver reliable high quality products.
Our reputation is backed up by 20 years’ proven field experience and more than 45.000 Traficon sensors, operational worldwide.


Building on a development started in 1982 by the University of Louvain, Traficon research has led to a range of powerful products. Our basic product is a detector board processing video images to generate traffic data and alarms.

Traffic managers use our technology for traffic data acquisition, automatic incident detection and intersection management in motorway, tunnel and urban applications.
Our products are marketed by an international group of carefully selected partners.

And last but not least, Traficon itself is built on a team. A team of highly skilled and highly motivated people devoted to offering the appropriate solution to all of our customers.


ITS Technologies/Services

The key factor in a Traficon detection system is the VIP (Video Image Processor), a standard detector board on which several types of detection software can be run. The video signal from the camera monitoring the traffic is used as input for the detection unit. Detection zones are superposed onto the video image. Vehicles crossing these zones are detected. The VIP analyses the video images to generate traffic data and alarms. Detector boards are grouped in rack systems. Dedicated boards handle compression of images and transmission of data, alarms and images.

Communication interfaces link the Traficon video detection product range with different types of communication networks: direct line, telephone lines, fibre networks and wireless communication. On the host computer at the control centre, the TMS (Traficon Management Software) monitors the video detection systems, handling TCP/IP communication and database storage of data, alarms and images.

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