VIA Consultancy (VIA Beratende Ingenieure GbR):

Düsseldorfer Str. 48, D-10707 Berlin

The VIA Consultancy was founded in 1992 in Berlin. Activities are focused on road traffic planning and traffic engineering. Since 1995 the planning and design of Traffic Management Systems developed as a speciality of the consultancy. Traffic Management Systems (TMS) are intelligent Roadside Guidance Systems as well as Traffic Control Systems along the motorway or special Management systems to optimize traffic flows at junctions and motorway interchanges. A special group within TMS are guidance and control systems in tunnels and on bridges. In this field VIA is engaged in various projects throughout Germany. VIA Consultancy cares for the concept, final design, the bidding process and the on-site construction supervision. The projects are located in and around the metropolitan regions of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt und Nuremberg.

In Berlin - the consultancies home - and Munich VIA was engaged in a number of very interesting and innovative tunnel projects including both new tunnels as well as the re-design of existing tunnel equipment to improve their security standard. In total VIA has contributed to the TMS of seven tunnels so far and the contribution covered all stages of engineering, from the first concept to the opening for the general traffic.

Tunnel Ortsteil Britz

BAB A 100


1.713 m

2x3 lanes
2 junctions

includes automated contraflow system
extension of ITS systems under traffic

Tunnel Aubing


Munich, Bavaria

1.935 m


2x2/3 lanes

in operation

Tunnel Altglienicke und Rudower Höhe

BAB A113 (neu)

900 und  300 m

2x3 lanes

under construction

Tunnel Tiergarten/Spreebogen

B 96


2.700 m

2x2 lanes
4 junctions,
2 loading bays
1 multi-storey parking lot

in operation

Tunnel Tegel Airport

BAB A 111


1.070 m

2x2 lanes
1 motorway interchange inside the tunnel

as part of the reconstruction of a 27 year old tunnell

Tunnel Ostkreuz und Tunnel Grenzallee

BAB A 100


1.600 m

2x3 lanes

includes the design of a double storey tunnel

Two projects should be highlighted: The Tunnel Ortsteil Britz (TOB) on the A100, the Berlin urban motorway, which was opened for traffic in 2000 with its eastern extension, the motorway interchange A100/A113  which is immediately adjacent to the tunnel (opend in 2004) in Betrieb and the Tiergarten Tunnel going through the inner city of Berlin including the parlamenatry area and the central station l. This tunnel stretches over 2,7 km and is the longest urban road tunnel in Berlin. It has been equipped with extensive traffic guidance and security systems. The special role of this tunnel exceeds the normal tasks for a road tunnel: it covers also the full roadside delivery and waste disposal for the Potsdamer Platz Quarter as well as the connection to the new multi-storey parking lot unter the central station.

Due to the experience and detailed insight into both tunnel operation and road side safety Kai Lorenz of VIA was invited to join the task force for the further develelopment of the federal German tunnel guidelines „RABT". The development of detailed concepts, the final design and realisation of tunnel control centres and their man-machine interfaces are showing the full range of VIA's capabilities today.

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